Super Life Secret Codes was published in the United States and Taiwan in 2010 with more than 200.000 copies sold worldwide and the book was listed as the Top 10 best sellers in Taiwan. At the request of the readers, three new Chinese editions have been published since and the new English edition was published in 2017.

The book unravels many mysteries of the Universe, nature, and life. It empowers people with the energy from the Universe to change the blueprint of their lives.

Life is complex and everyone strives for happiness and success but we all face problems every day, whether it is with work, family, health, money, or a combination of them all.  We are all searching for solutions and many turn to religion, books, or classes which can make things better on the surface or temporarily but oftentimes, doesn't solve the root of the problem.  If the root of the problem remains, it will continue and usually, this problem will start to affect more aspects of our life.  


Master Ted Sun has created Super Life Secret Codes to be a life manual and tool for everyone to use, every day, to improve your life.  The basis of Super Life Secret Codes is to teach people about positive and negative energy, love and gratitude, and repentance. If you diligently practice these codes you can discover the root of problems and have a clear and executable path to solve them.  Super Life Secret Codes, doesn’t just teach you to think positive, love one another, and visualize the things you want so miraculously your life becomes perfect.  Super Life Secret Codes creates a process to follow, a life manual, that should become a habit so that you can achieve the successes that you want in all aspects of life.  Finally, like with anything else, the more you practice, the better you will be.


Regarding energy, Super Life Secret Codes creates a framework for positive and negative energy, showing the relation between the two and also how each one has an effect on the amount of success you have or don’t have in life.  Recognizing this relationship allows you to see the root of your problems and how to solve them.  When things go right, your positive energy exceeds the negative and when things go wrong, your negative energy exceeds the positive.  So if you realize you have more negative than positive, what should you do?  You must repent, this is the tool for removing negative energy. 


As you practice the tools of Super Life Secret Codes and your negative energy starts to melt away, you will realize that there are multiple levels of communication that lead you to direct negotiations with your negative energy. Imagine having the ability to negotiate directly with the force that is trying to make you fail in everything in life.


Love and gratitude in your heart will give an abundance of positive energy and in return will become a magnet to receive positive energy that will help improve your life. By creating a habit of reflecting on the things you love and appreciate, you will fill your life with positive energy and give yourself a better chance to improve your life.

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