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Master Ted Sun is a world-leading expert in energy management, a renowned speaker, a top-selling author,  a humanitarian, and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. He is also the founder of Richest Life, a personal and professional growth and wellness center that teaches people self-healing and life mastery. Master Ted Sun has trained hi-tech executives, CEOs, government officials, doctors, and tens of thousands of people worldwide.

In 2010, he wrote his first book, Super Life Secret Codes, a life manual that reveals the secret codes for managing energy to create a super extraordinary life. This book has become a global sensation, transforming people’s lives all over the world.

Since then, Master Sun has written over 50 books and given tens of thousands of lectures and consultations. His book Say No To Depression represents a breakthrough in mental health, recognized and endorsed by Western and Chinese doctors to help people overcome chronic depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental health issues.

Master Sun’s energy management system teaches people to mobilize their innate natural ability to become self-generators of positive energy, enabling them to recharge and take control of their lives.

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