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At the age of fourteen, Ted signed up for a Christian correspondence course and read the book “Streams in the Desert”. As a result of the book, he decided to become a devout Christian. The correspondence course continued for two years, during which he was the most diligent student and researched all the Christian theories thoroughly. Ever since then, the experience has created a sacred bond between his life and religion.


The summer Ted turned seventeen he learned and gained knowledge of other religions. Thereafter, he seized every possible chance and time to explore, study, and research the profound meanings behind each religion. During his baptism, he felt the connections to his innate potentials and abilities, and he even felt a bit of pride knowing that he had supernatural power. However, he never felt superior and he continuously questioned the truth and sought answers to every puzzle. After he studied hundreds of books, concepts, and theories, he realized that the doctrine in each religion was great and inspiring. It was then he felt he had an especially important responsibility, and he had to use the power of love instructed from the religions to help those who are in need.


In 2005, due to a coincidental encounter with an enlightened soul, Ted learned many new principles that helped him reach another level of spiritual awakening. He, then realized his mission was to spread these principles globally to all deserving individuals. These principles resemble secret codes that can be quickly and easily obtained and can help people, their friends, and families. Ted believed this will make the world more harmonious and progress to the next generation, so people can prepare themselves to welcome a brighter future. So, by the middle of September, he had completed and published his book, “Super Life Secret Codes “.


It is Ted’s wish to tell the readers that Love and Gratitude are the two most important life codes in the Universe. Love and Gratitude are major factors that determine a person’s success. Instead of using complicated methods in life to solve problems, using these codes, people will be able to transform an improbable problem into a solution. 

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