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Master Ted Sun is a seeker of the truth, educator, and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, who started his spiritual journey at the age of 14, learning religious doctrines and philosophies such as Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, and over the decades he was spiritually awakened and enlightened. He also passionately studied and experimented with the formulas of life which led to his breakthrough of discovering the secret codes to a super life. With this gift, he felt an obligation and responsibility to share these codes to everyone in the world.


In 2010, he wrote his 1st book, “Super Life Secret Codes,” a life manual. In the book, Ted Sun reveals the secret codes to peace and happiness, which are love and gratitude and energy management. By managing and building our energy to align with love and gratitude we will balance our mind, life, family, and eventually society. Energy is the key element of life and determines the positive and negative outcome of all things. Without energy management, humans are vulnerable and have no control over life. 


Love and gratitude are the most powerful energies in the Universe, so with the implementation of love and gratitude into our daily lives, it will completely upgrade our energy level. Ted Sun presents his methods and concepts in a simple and natural way helping people quickly learn and transform their lives through daily practice. “Super Life Secret Codes,” a life-manual, has become “a way of life” and household tool, that has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. 


Since 2010, Ted Sun has given tens of thousands of consultations and has seen all types of human predicaments and miseries, so he has concluded that people need proper training to have a balanced and happy life. Ted Sun established Richest Life, which are personal wellness and development training centers located throughout the world, providing in-person and online courses and workshops. Through Richest Life, Ted Sun has created the Super Life Secret Codes System and has travelled all over the world to give lectures, weekly radio programs, and has written more than 20 books on mind, body, and soul health, educating people on the “secret codes” to happiness. 


Ted Sun and the “Super Life Secret Codes System” is a beacon of light that pierces through the borders of countries, gender, race, and social class, to achieve individual happiness and help bring all humans world peace and harmony.

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