Miracle of Life_____Qiong Yue

My relationship ended two years ago. At that time, my depression was very serious, and I was a very negative person. Under pessimism and helplessness, I even wanted to end my life at one point, until my friend introduced the book “Super Life Secret Codes” to me. I went to the Taipei workshop for the first time in May last year and listened to the sharing. After listening to it, a voice appeared in my heart, “this is an opportunity for change!”... 

A Real Life Fulfillment_____Emily

When my husband and I bought our first house, we were very happy and satisfied, because it was a big step in our life. Although the house was small, it did not matter. Soon after a year, we built the second floor, and the small house suddenly became bigger. After the second floor of the house was built, we lived happily, but not long after, we began to discuss the luxury houses that were less than two blocks away from home... 

It Really Changed_____Aita

I have been in contact with “Super Life Secret Codes” for half a year. Looking back over half a year ago, my husband and I often fought because of trivial matters. At that time, my energy was very low, and I often fell into a bad mood because of a word; so I was always hoping to improve the quality of life. One day I felt depressed, I randomly flipped through the “Super Life Secret Codes” that was given to me by my relative. After reading in the book about ways to improve the quality of marriage... 

You Must Try This Remedy_____Rose

It is not a religion or philosophy. It has no complicated literary words and it uses the cosmic Sun as its energy, two codes (love and gratitude) as a medicinal citation, and nine visualization meditations as a prescription. The severe problems that cannot be cured for a long time, may be cured and solved easily with identifying the underlying cause and the correct solutions... 

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