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Miracle of Life_____Qiong Yue

My relationship ended two years ago. At that time, my depression was very serious, and I was a very negative person. Under pessimism and helplessness, I even wanted to end my life at one point, until my friend introduced the book “Super Life Secret Codes” to me. I went to the Taipei workshop for the first time in May last year and listened to the sharing. After listening to it, a voice appeared in my heart, “this is an opportunity for change!”


I believe this voice very much, appearing like a lifeline, and I hold onto these words tightly. After returning home that day, I spent two days reading the book, and I was very surprised by the nine visualization meditations in the book! Why would anyone write such precious dharma and spread it widely? How is this possible that I could easily buy the ancient dharma that we had to learn from a master on the market! We are so lucky! And I think I used to be a complaining person. Why am I so blessed to be able to own this book? I am very grateful to Master Ted Sun for publishing this book to the world and saving the spiritual lives of many loss souls!


Because I wanted to treat my depression at the time, I saw an article written by Master “The deviation of the mind is the beginning of suffering!” I felt like that was talking about me. I used to have a toxic mindset. That’s why I treat the words of Master’s book like gold and every word in the book as an antidote. I swallowed every word into my heart. I read the book repeatedly and kept being grateful because I practiced the visualization meditation diligently every day. It felt like the program in my head had been reinfused with the program of love and gratitude. It took about three months. This book made me jump out of the vicious cycle, and my depression was over!


In the past, I could only describe myself in two words, which are “fully blind”! Like a blind man, I did not know the reason for everything that happened to me! I did not know why I suffered so much? And did not understand that fate can be changed! The most expensive cost in life was negative energy, but how many lucky people can access this book? And when I saw the urgency and eagerness of Master Ted Sun to save people, the words and sentences that are so sincere, hoping to awaken everyone on the Earth, I was moved!


It is mentioned in the book that the negative energy of the human heart is so great that it affects the orbit of the Earth, and it has entered the wrong operating program. Seeing this, I felt that we have a great responsibility. Each of us should hurry up to spread the positive energy of love and gratitude, and help more destined people, and put an end to tragedy, letting everyone’s heart plant the seeds of goodness. “Super Life Secret Codes” is really more than just a book, it is positive energy! Along the way, I have always felt “guided”, a force that wanted to lead me to the right path. Whenever I say something wrong or do something wrong, there is a wave of energy that locks me in, and I must repent about it. It is amazing, especially when I say something wrong, but I feel that the other party would not care what I said, so maybe I don't need to worry. In the end, I was still correct to apologize to that person.


I am very grateful to the Universe who never gave up on me , always guided me to the right path, let me have a correct attitude towards life, taught me to change my heart, correct my mindset, constantly modify myself, and step forward everyday, so that my soul can be improved and have ability to help others.


I would like to sincerely invite the people who have not read this book. Please give yourself a chance, you can change the map of life!” This is a rare opportunity and an important decision in life, do not miss it! In life if you make a wrong choice, it will take a long time to correct it. Life is short and can be very simple without guilt and regrets. If you can face your problems bravely, be true to yourself, don't cover up your mistakes, don't deceive others and fool the Universe, with a sincere attitude a crisis can turn into opportunity. Self-help, people-help, cosmic will help!


Do not waste your life waiting for others to change, change yourself first, and then you can live a wonderful life. To grasp the happiness of life is to implement “love and gratitude”, accept the blessings of the Universe, and become the new favorite of the Universe. Now the world is in turmoil, all because of the lack of moral education triggering all kinds of evil deeds. Master Ted Sun has repeatedly emphasized that everything must have “virtue” as a resource, and nothing will work if there is insufficient of merits. I hope everyone will find time and watch “Di Zi Gui” taught by Mr. Tsai. This is a guideline for how to be a good human being, learning the meanings of the impartial doctrines, cultivating abundance of righteousness and the blessings for oneself and the next generation, into a positive cycle.


“Admonish goodness and virtue will be established.” This is the end of my sharing. Thank you all! Grateful for the Universe, grateful for love!

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