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You Must Try This Remedy_____Rose

It is not a religion or philosophy. It has no complicated literary words and it uses the cosmic Sun as its energy, two codes (love and gratitude) as a medicinal citation, and nine visualization meditations as a prescription. The severe problems that cannot be cured for a long time, may be cured and solved easily with identifying the underlying cause and the correct solutions.


The method is unbelievably simple, but the effect is incredible. The point is whether you believe it or not, whether you want it, do it or not (the so-called believe, wish, and action).


This book is more than just a book, it is more like a collection or a martial arts secrets and it has no difficult theories, no difficult language, and it can be practiced by anyone. The key lies in whether we are sincere, and whether we take action.


People's personality and habits are accumulated over a long period of time, even from life to life. There is no shortcut to the road to liberation. If you want to change your life, you must first cultivate virtue. Health, peace, and happiness are everyone's desire, but it depends on the balance of body, mind, and spirit. Many people spend a lot of money on physical maintenance, but how many people pay attention to their own minds and their spiritual improvement? As everyone knows, the three levels of body, mind, and spirit influence each other and are interlinked.


There are many complicated problems in life. The root of a lot of these problems comes from the mind and soul. When everything entangles, if we can understand the concept and peel away the layers, the problem is actually quite simple and can be solved without spending a lot of money and effort.


In the three months I have been in contact with “Super Life Secret Codes”, I have observed many changes. Before I was just a pawn at the mercy of fate, now I find that I can also be the director of the stage of life, and I can change the script of life. In the past, when I had a problem, I often felt that it was someone else's problem; now, I can look at the problem from the other's perspective. In the past, small things were often turned into big things due to improper handling, now through wisdom and observation, big things are often turned into small things. In the past, my mood fluctuated with the external forces, making me worry easily, now I am more calm and mindful, and I can see things more clearly and make correct judgments when facing things. I was also surprised to find that my learning ability is stronger than before, maybe it is wisdom.


I am grateful to have such a great opportunity, to encounter such good ideology and methods, and my path of life is completely different. My heart is full of gratitude, grateful for the blessing of the Universe, and grateful for Master’s teaching. I also vowed to be a gear that drives the surrounding gears to rotate together, hoping that more destined people can join this bright road together.

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