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A Real Life Fulfillment_____Emily

When my husband and I bought our first house, we were very happy and satisfied, because it was a big step in our life. Although the house was small, it did not matter. Soon after a year, we built the second floor, and the small house suddenly became bigger. After the second floor of the house was built, we lived happily, but not long after, we began to discuss the luxury houses that were less than two blocks away from home.


I found that my original satisfaction disappeared, and I wanted more and better things. From then on, I was chasing after materialistic things, and turned down the voice of the soul. I think of capitalism as the norm, and the success of a career will inevitably be accompanied by material gain. However, the down side is that the material happiness was very short-lived, and deep down I always felt that there was a void in my heart. I did not know what I was pursuing.


Later, I came into contact with the book “Super Life Secret Codes”. The principles of “love and gratitude” and the visualization meditation made changes in my heart. One day, when I watched “Di Zi Gui” recommended by Master, it said, “Materials are like a bottomless pit, and I can't fill it enough!” I was very shocked when I heard it and felt as if it was for me. I have heard this kind of sayings since I was a child, but it never did much to me. On that day, I learned “love and gratitude”, which had softened my heart. I could hear the voice that I didn't hear before.

Not only that, but I was more grateful for what I had, more than ever before. When I was in peace and looked at everything about myself, whether it was family, marriage, and career, it was so abundant and happy. I kept looking out and forgot that happiness was here. Life can be so simple! As a mother, I have a responsibility to instil a correct outlook on life in my children. If I have been pursuing the wrong things all my life, I would have been educating my children the same way, and they will not be happy in life.


I am very fortunate to learn “Super Life Secret Codes” at this moment of my life to make adjustments to myself and find the right spiritual path.

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