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It Really Changed_____Aita

I have been in contact with “Super Life Secret Codes” for half a year. Looking back over half a year ago, my husband and I often fought because of trivial matters. At that time, my energy was very low, and I often fell into a bad mood because of a word; so I was always hoping to improve the quality of life. One day I felt depressed, I randomly flipped through the “Super Life Secret Codes” that was given to me by my relative. After reading in the book about ways to improve the quality of marriage, I started to practice the “rose meditation” with the mentality of trying it out. In the first practice, there was an inexplicable emotion in my heart, which is impossible to describe in words.


Then I happened to participate in the “Mind, Body, and Soul Healing Class” conducted by Master Ted Sun. Master explained the positive and negative energy from a scientific perspective and taught us how to improve our soul. After practicing many times, I felt the Universe bestowing infinite love and energy on me, and my soul seemed to have reliance on it. I felt that I received a short rest and was recharged for my life journey. Later, I learned about the importance of mindfulness, which made me feel different about everything.


After half a year, I now seldom have anger or negative emotions, my life is smooth, and my emotion is more stable. In my heart, I am very grateful to the Universe's love to me, and grateful to Master for teaching us selflessly, which gave me unlimited light in my life.


As long as there is a heart of gratitude and repentance, I believe that the Universe will take care of us, and I would like to encourage everyone to experiment!

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