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Self-realization! Always remember, you will be floundering in your life if you do not seek self-realization. You need to fight for your own good life, no one will give it to you. Even if the Universe wants to help you, but you always practice negativity, then all help will be in vain. There is no mystery or slogan here, it is a question of whether you accept this concept. Today you are fortunate to come across Super Life Secret Codes, so there must be some destiny in play.  You should go through the key points in detail and execute them faithfully and always give blessings to yourself. Step by step, when you do it diligently, you will finally achieve a good life. 

Types of Emotion

Generally, there are two categories of emotion depending on its root cause. Like the flu, the first type is caused by a normal virus and the second type is like a disease. Your daily emotion is like a normal virus. For example, due to lack of effective communication, the relationship between you and someone is below expectations, hence the tension starts, this is like a common virus and after some time, things resolve itself.  On the other hand, if the root cause is a disease type i.e. “Negative Energy”, it comes from your past actions or karma and it will not resolve itself - you must find a solution and do the work to repair things.

Mind Switching

You can Switch your Mind, and avoid frustrations. For example, you order a turkey burger and the server makes a mistake and gives you beef burger and because of this you get upset - at this moment, you should switch your mind immediately and you can tell yourself “I always eat turkey burgers, so it is nice that I can try something different today”, the moment your mind is switched, your mood improves.

“Me” Ego

Your ego is very easy to detect, when you become frustrated, and you lose your temper, that shows you have the “Me” Ego. Many people are aware that they need to free themselves from their ego and to better control their temper, but it is difficult. It takes more than just knowing this, you must act on it.  Things that you need to change, you change and things that you need to do, you do. This way you do not waste your time and life. If you don’t have this mindset, you are just creating trouble for yourself. Remember one thing, when you see yourself as very big, it is also very easy for your Negative Energy to notice you, and then they can scrutinize you. However, if you humble yourself, it will be more difficult for your Negative Energy to see you and then you will be able to maximize your time to make up for things, change your situation, and then future issues will become easier to resolve, and your life will be smoother.

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