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Say No To Depression

Say No To Depression


The Missing Codes You Need for Solving Chronic Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mental-Related Problems


This book has helped tens of thousands of people overcome depression and regain happiness.


Say No to Depression treats chronic depression, which is rooted deeply in our system. The biggest problem with depression is that it lingers and many people feel it is never-ending. Depression is like a weed; if you don't pull the roots, it will grow back. 


In Say No to Depression, Master Ted Sun reveals the untold truths that cause depression and how to solve it, so that people can finally be free from this stubborn illness. The truths in the book will surprise you!


In this book, you will discover:

  • The true causes of depression
  • Why depression is so hard to treat
  • What is really going on with hallucinations
  • How to manage your emotions using energy
  • The ways to overcome depression
  • How to take control of your life 

Say No to Depression is not just another depression book, it is a breakthrough in mental health improvement and has been recognized and endorsed by Western and Chinese doctors.



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